After being gone for a few hrs i find that sometimes my dsl is disconected

Hello everyone i am new here. (:WAV)
I suspect that Comodo Firewall Blocks my dsl however i am not 100% sure,
I have to restart my computer to get it to work again if i leave my computer on to download music and avi files when i am gone and i would like to return home and find everything working like i left it my downloads going strong. the reason i suspect comodo is that with comodo firewall uninstalled and windows firewall on i never return to a disconected dsl service.anyone know how to change the setting so it will not do it . it does not always do this but frequently enough to seriously interupt what i do online. I have tried to fix this myself but to no luck i cant find a clue on how to get to the bottom of this problem.

If CPF is really the problem this *might * help as it helped me:

However I also experienced that problem about my connection going down and I think it was because of my ISP. I just configured my ADSL to try to re-connect every 5 seconds if it went down for some reason. In my experience such a brief interruption doesn’t affect P2P downloads.

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whatever the problem, the answer should be in the firewall logs. Unfortunately, I’m sure you will have a mile-and-a-half of entries by this point… :slight_smile: You may try this:

First open Application Monitor and look for an entry on “svchost.exe” showing it as being Blocked rather than Allowed; if so, change to Allow. If not,

Go to Activity/Logs. Right-click and select “Clear all Logs.” Then go about your normal business, waiting for the connection to be dropped (if there are actions you can take to help the process along, that you know from experience, please do so). When it does, go back to Activity/Logs.

Right-click and select “Export to HTML.” Save the file to a known location/filename. If you leave it as an HTML, you can compress it to a ZIP format and attach to your post using the “Additional Options” (bold red text underneath your post). You may also change the file format to text, resave and attach under additional options, or reopen the HTML file, Highlight the entries surround the dropped connection (when you see the Block entries start -scroll down for the oldest…), Copy and then Paste them into your next post. You may edit out your external IP address with “x” for privacy if you like.

Then we’ll see what’s blocking what…