After Antivirus update allow for a full scan or only the new additions

SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENT – This suggestion specifically applies to the CIS product, however it could be applied in others. I appreciate the almost real time virus updates; however, I don’t appreciate the long scan times to check for the new virus signatures. I would suggest that when the new data is downloaded that a temporary database be built with just the new signatures at the same time the master database is updated. Allow the user to select the option (automatically or on request) of running a quick scan using the temporary database and after this search take the required actions, delete the temporary database and revert to the master data base for all future use. This would be faster and insure that the machine was free of the new viruses.

[color=red]I get numerous CIS antivirus updates many days. I appreciate the almost real-time data; however only having the option of a full scan prevents checking for the new updates after each update. Over 400 users have viewed and I can’t believe that only 3 agree with zero NO’s. Maybe the original posting was not clear.


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