After a surprise, update runs faster and more efficient

I have it updated at my home machine last night WinXP SP2, and didn’t expect my previous configuration being wiped out. It did but I suffer no heart attack because there is only one application, I do not need it to phone home and I know which one it was. Anyway, I still want to give a credit to the developers that this update does speed up Comodo considerably and I’m very happy with it. (:CLP)

This morning, I did the same to update with my work machine WinXP SP2 with full knowledge that my previous configuration would be wiped out too, so no heart attack here today. And it runs a bit faster too. Wow. What’s a relief.

BTW, I don’t let Comodo to scan my machines because my AVG scans it regularly. That I can live without Comodo’s warranty.