After 8 years I am forced to say good bye to Comodo Dragon

I have been using Comodo dragon since they one, back in the days it was a really good altearntive to chrome, in fact that it did always beat the original chrome in benchmarks
always made me feel more proud of using. It is kind of clear that with time Comodo did loose dedication and passion for the comodo Dragon browser.

I remember my frustration that it was stuck on version 36 for almost one year which was not acceptable at all, despite that I had patience as a loyal comodo dragon user.

When Privdog was introduced and bundled with the browser, I did feel like an even more proud Comodo dragon users, almost only comdo dragon users was aware of Privdog,
and it did really help to speed up browsing and remove all trackers. Privdog was also an altearntive to Ghostery which was in trouble at the time. I used Privdog for a couple of years
until I heard about the Privdog scandal, how I did find out about it was just by accident, in an forum, this was in the time when lenovo just have had the superfish scandal,
Well it turned out that Privdog was just another Superfish scandal, I must say I felt very stupid and very fooled, comodo as a security company should be aware of this,
they bundle this with dragon, my trust for comodo was all time low (it was also in similar times when comodo had got their certificates hacked)

I did move over to the Srnware Iron browsre for some time, I thought this browser is better with keeping the chromium code up to date, well it turned out that I was wrong.
Anyway I used Iron until Chromodo was released, and I decided to give comodo another chance, this time it was bundled with ad sanitizer, it did not took me many secdonds to fictoure out that ad-santizer was just and rebundled version of Privdog, it was not a good first sign to include this “cancer” in the browser I thought, after doing deep research on internet, where priv dog and ad santizer mostly had bad reputation I decided to go back to Ghostery, it turned out, depending on what settings you put such as being a part of ghostranks or not made you vulnerable, with the right settings Ghostery was still considered the best alternative. I have see no evidence of any superfish symptoms with ghostery so far or that it would be vulnerable to man in the middle attacks.

Anyway I installed chromodo I used it for some time, but then I saw on the forum that comodo will put more dedication to Dragon and chromodo browser, in the beginning of chromodo, both browsers did update almost similar, since dragon was on the same version as chromodo plus I liked the black color more of Dragon I did decide to go back to dragon afterall, it was pretty much up to date with chrome, some time after I did also see that dragon had newer chromium then chromodo which made me forget about chromodo totally.

We have been for a long time on version 46, I had patience, and I was also aware of the lack of altearntives, srnware iron was not was it used to be, I did look out for other alternatives I found nothing that could replace dragon.

The nail in the coffin was when Comodo released version 48, now it turns out they have dropped flash support, so a lot of websites that have video or audio does not work, it forced to to use double browsers and copy paste links to microsoft edge when it did not work in dragon, this did of course irritate me a lot, and would of course not work in long term, I did head to the comodo dragon forum and see, this must be some kind of misstake or is this a bad joke ?

Sure I hate flash, every one hate flash but the reality is still many mordern sites use it today, sites like bandcamp and a lot of other sites.
That Apple decides to ditch flash support on their ipads is one thing, but on a pc it is just stupid.

What does worry me even more is that Comodo is encourages people to install an external flash player version which in history always have a lot of security holes.
Using internal flashpalyer in the browser makes it safer, since the flasyplayer is sandboxed within the browser unlike an external plugin.

Judging from the forum Comodo still fail to see the seriousness in flash support, I understand that they think Flash is the cancer, but in today worlds
you need flash on many websites, it will die away slowly but until then we need flashplayer support, way too many sites does not work without it, and it gets very irritating.

It feels comodo is trying to do what apple did, ditch flash just in order to speed up the settlement of Flashplayer meanwhile all dragon users suffer from this symptoms where not all sites work properly.

What is more worrying is that Comodo seem to show no understand from this, all response you get is that you can not make every one happy, I do intepret this at comodo has taken the decisuion to ditch flash support forwever, I can of course see that as an security company they view Flash as a security problem, but forcing users to install external flashplayer makes users even more vulnerable.

All in all, this has forced me to say good bye to Comodo Dragon, I would not have done that if it wasn’t for the fact that I finally found a worthy altearntive to comodo dragon, which seem to offer similar privacy features

The browser I am migriating to at the moment is called Slimjet

Since I have used dragon so long I did not take this decision lightly but if you look back you can see a pattern here, Comodo dragon as only got worse with its time, they have lost dedication to it which it once had and having 2 browsers which are very similar is just strange, if you have just one browser maybe then you would be able to keep up with updates, the browsers are so similiar so in all honesty I do no understand why you have 2 browsers at all, it looks like they have 2 different skins that is all.

Good Bye Comodo dragon
I will still use Comodo CIS though (have been using that since 2005)

Indeed, why use Dragon?
Because it has a cool name, or because Comodo apparently dislikes Google (with their forked adblockers)?
To get its amazing ad injector as you said (privdog, adsanitizer) ? No, it was removed, right?
Because it feels so good to always be a few milestones behind Chrome or Firefox? Etc.

Please do not ban me about these… because these are facts :-TD

Dragon and Chromodo are same things. quarter year passed maybe more but Comodo still can’t solve the Twitter videoplayback problem on both Dragon and Chromodo.

If you want to be secure, I suggest you to use Chrome itself. You can opt-out the settings which you do not like.
or there is a good alternative named Opera browser. It looks nice, faster and more stable than every other browser.

I would prefer Comodo concentrating on one web browser (Comodo Web Browser) rather than working on multiple browsers like Dragon, Chromodo and IceDragon. If Chrome is the more secure browser, then that browser should be the base on which to build from. If Firefox has better features (security wise), then add these into Comodo’s browser. The browser should (I feel) have a vast collection of extensions/addons that offer the best security. Also, do away with the version system as it always seems to be playing catchup. I don’t mind what version it is as long as it’s secure.


Hi all,
There are some misconceptions with Flash.
Most of the vulnerabilities (Security holes) that were present in NPAPI (Plugins) Flash are not present in PPAPI (Plugins) Flash.
Chromodo and Dragon do in fact support PPAPI Flash and whether this is integrated or external is a much safer alternative to NPAPI.
In respect to security the downloaded external PPAPI flash and PPAPI flash that is included with Chrome are the same plugin, both using the improved (PPAPI) out of process architecture.
Comodo intends to have a better Flash support in the near future.


Avira is new to browser section but look at their Avira Scout browser. It is years ahead from Comodo. They have some good extensions on their browser for security and privacy. Comodo is very slow to act on those matters.

They messed up the browsers. :cry: They took the our Dragon and they made it like Chrome, I missed the orb menu interface of Dragon. Its squared tabs feels better and more unique than others… I lost all faith to browser side of Comodo.
They leave their users vulnerable. I do not talk about flash.
Current comodo browsers are vulnerable against known flaws. Google reacts quikly to fix the holes.
Tell me, who is the security company? Google projects reports your flaws guys. :-TD

Hi yigido,
We all know your take and opinions on Chromium based Comodo browsers, you do not need to keep telling us.

Thank you.

Hi captainsticks,

We all know that Comodo will never fix these. Please leave us to talk this here. I want to tell this everyone on forum. After this, maybe a big pressure on Comodo make things better. At those days, maybe my grandsons can use Chromodo.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for recommending me about Avira Browser. I need to read more about it and test it more before I decide if I will go with avira or slimjet.
It is strange that not more browsers exist like this, what we really need is a browser that can control the outflow of cookie communication more, it seem like avira
block trackers I am not sure if they are using homebrewed anti tracking and anti-ad blocker but relying on extensions from other companies is risky, since it turns out that
all extension almost will log your internet history that is the reason I do not use extension besides WebRTC blocker and Ghostery.

I will also do some benchmarks and see… Anyway great to see there is some alternatives.

I really agree with that, especially chromodo and dragon difference seem very cryptic, it really make people confused, I think Chromodo and dragon is a result of some kind of compromise and internal conflict to be honest. it is indeed very strange… or if Chromodo was a way to get a new start because of the Privdog scandal… I am not sure.

Anyway since Comodo have proven they have limited resources for dragon and chromodo they should ditch one of them and focus on only one it would save a lot of resources,
if people want a black or white theme it is easy to install one…

Hi yigido,
Not true, we can only guess or presume what Comodo will and won’t fix.

Please leave us to talk this here. I want to tell this everyone on forum. After this, maybe a big pressure on Comodo make things better.
If you mean telling everyone your opinion on Comodo browsers, we already know your opinion.
At those days, maybe my grandsons can use Chromodo.
We can use Chromodo now, I do with no issues worth mentioning. In all fairness how many users do you know that have been infected and caused by using Comodos Chromium based browsers, not speculation but with evidence?
Thank you for your understanding.


I am afraid posting here on the Forum has been proven to have no effect on what Comodo will do or not do about Comodo Dragon or their other browsers.

The only big pressure has done, is create a atmosphere that no Staff Members will reply to posts :frowning:

We already have great difficulty getting any Staff Members to post on the whole Forum, the recent criticism about release dates has proved this.

Sensible questions/queries are most welcome, and we all do our best to have them answered :slight_smile:

Continually criticism over the whole Forum no matter what subject will result in zero replies.

If that is what you all wish please carry on :slight_smile:


P.S. Please note this will be last post on this subject, we have well over a 100 Comodo Staff members on the Forum if you really what answers do as I ask