After upgrade Comodo no longer list in Windows startup

Recently upgraded the firewall to It works fine and even after windows starts it sees the firewall. However previous versions actually appeared as a windows startup item (in windows 10 that would be looking in the task manager then under startup and Comodo used to be there). I noticed after the upgrade it does not appear in the startup menu, though as mentioned it does load when windows starts.

So the program still starts when I start windows (however in the firewall itself I no longer see the option to have it start with windows or not). Was this just part of the upgrade or is this a bug and it should be showing some sort of entry under windows start up?

I am running Win 10, pro 64

CIS tray has two auto run entries, one via a scheduled task found in task scheduler and the other via the auto run registry path of HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. I do not know where startup section of task manager looks for auto start entries, but if it only looks in the registry and the Comodo entry is not there, then it would explain the missing entry but CIS will still start due to the scheduled task.

Just checked and you are correct in that the current run under registry is missing. Would you think that may be a bug?
Do you have possibly that reg key info so I could add it back in?

Found an older registry file of mine and used notepad to view it

noticed this file
cistrayUI (this was the file that used to be under the windows run reg setting)

is not in the current installation but does show as part of the installer_init.xml
So I am wondering if it was a glitch that its supposed be there but is not? Also temped to do the manual install of the program again, but not sure if that will erase all of my previous settings?

cistrayUI is a command line parameter for cis.exe process, cistray.exe was removed starting with version 12, and thus integrated into cis.exe.

Thank you for that and this means the problem is solved