AEC.SYS detected as trojan (False positive?) [Resolved]


This is a false positive. Comodo are investigating this and will give a response soon.

The file does belong to Microsoft Acoustic Echo Canceller.


Sorry man. Lock this baby!

I agree with Tony on both his remarks !

I must say that I agree too :-\

Greetz, Red.

WOW they Quality of Checking has gone down.
Yeap I got the same in my WINXP and now in VISTA I got Infocard.exe as a TROJAN DLDR-GAMES.D

The path is:
c:\windows\\framework\v3.0\windows\communication foundation\infocard.exe

Come on NANCY AND KEVIN KICK THOSE NOOBIES! They are beginning to cast a bad light on BoClean this is the 2nd FP in 2 months! I had BoClean since 2001/2 era and I never had FP prior to now.

You found a new one :-\

Wtf went wrong with today’s update :o I understand a False Positive now and than. But so many after one update :-\ What is the common factor ???

Greetz, Red.

Hello Melih,

Thanks for looking at it.
However, with all due respect, I am used (as user of BOClean (and IEClean) for over 7 years) that such FP’s are fixed within an hour, if they happened at all…

I am “responsible” for the computers of several friends and family-members.
I simply don’t have the time at the moment to repair things for them due to recent very sad family circumstances.
That means that Comodo will have to guide them step by step (in Dutch and English in newbee language) to repair any damage done by those FP(s). They or me paid for BOClean!
That is your responsibility.

Regards, Jan.

or isn’t actually removed because I tried a reboot without a prior restore and received the same alert. Am I correct or do I have to restore this file? Thank You!

Windows file protection should restore it on reboot.

I am somewhat dissapointed…This FP hasn’t been corrected yet… ??? THis is not typical I hope… >:(

:■■■■ :■■■■ :BNCSay GOODBYE to old fast and reliable NSCLEAN support, welcome Drop the Ballodo. :BNC :BNC (:CLP) (:CLP)


I’m new to the Comodo Forum and I’ve recently started using Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware.

I’m having the same problem with this:


As it’s part of the SYSTEM32 folder I did let BOClean Anti-Malware remove it for me.

So like you all I think it is a FP but does anyone have any further news about it?




I did a system restore point that was just 45 minutes old, but that was before the FP. It did pick up the FP again so I did not remove, does anyone know if the file would be back just like it was? :-[

This does not look good Comodo :frowning:


I’m hoping they will deal with this annoying issue in the next update.

We hope anyway!



My concern is this… this has been going on for almost 12 hours… and no update yet to correct it. Where is the corrective update??? >:(


Like I said I’m new to Comodo products, but I also thought they would have sorted this issue out by now.



As a former paying customer, I too cannot express my disappointment more. In light of how this has been handled, I will have no choice but to re-evaluate my personal, my friends, my family and my company’s use of BOClean.

It’s very clear that definition testing process needs a serious re-appraisal. Not to mention that the update for this issue should have been available hours ago…

Well, thanks for this thread!! And thankfully, I checked here before destroying my OS trying to rid myself of AEC.SYS file.

BoClean is now uninstalled until this gremlin is fixed.


I have to agree, since I’m new to this software things like this do make me wonder why I use it but I shall give Comodo a chance as I believe it’s a good piece of software with the correct updates etc.



Hmm glad I’m not alone with the FP hassles.
Running W2k SP4 here using BOC 4.22 and I’m getting a slightly different notification.

05/22/2007 11:06:12: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\IPSEC.SYS
Trojan horse was found in above file
Logged in user: Administrator
Active trojan horse was shut down. System now safe.
Trojan horse was removed, registry cleaned.

Rebooted and it’s still nagging about the “trojan”.
But at least the machine still runs and Windows isn’t borked.
Hope it gets fixed soon.