Adware detected by real time protection but not cleaned.

I want to share with you something that seems strange to me.
My computer was idle for half an hour or more. When returned to it, I decided to check CIS 7 logs via the GUI and found out that some minutes ago it had detected an adware on the chrome app data directory (check screenshot). Why it did not delete it and it just detected it without any further action? I have set AV to quarantine threats automatically, all protections were on etc.
After checking the log, I tried to drag n drop the file via windows explorer into an open notepad, just to see CIS reaction. It moved the file to quarantine automatically and there was the relevant alert shown. Why this was not done before?
Check the attached image too.

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you set it to quarantine automatically isn’t that what it did or did I miss something? What was your settings previously? Also automatically deleting files tends to get AV’s in trouble when they get a false positive and delete a system file.

It was set to quarantine threats automatically. It was my fault to use the word “delete” sorry. My question is why it did not move it to the quarantine, and it just detected it. You can see that in the capture I 've uploaded.

It seems that CIS was doing a full scan for sometime without my knowledge, so this detection was casued by the scan. No problem, thanks for replying!