Advices for D+ Event

 I always have this opinion that you guys never have enough attention to Events view.

1.I block QQ of interprocess memory access to explorer.exe,so everytime I open the events,there’s full of news about it.Don’t tell me just allow this action,I just hate to let it do so.
2. I check out the list and find there’s something wrong about my princple so when I decide to turn the block into allow,I have to find the right thing to make that change.I wish I could just change this directly on the events list.
3,it’s not about events,I hope you guys could make D+ more detailed,like adding some files reading block,because I’m not sure if any malware scan my protected files.Don’t tell me you wanna reduce the pop-ups,Comodo seems like a tacky secruity suit like Norton,Nod32 etc more and more!I mean It’s not V3 comodo which I love so much!Comodo become more easy-going but don’t you guys could set a advanced mode for old-friends like us?
consider about my proposal plz!