I’m new and am not sure who’s advice to take. Whats the hierarchy between a Comodo Hero, Administrator, Global Administrator? Do they work for Comodo or just reads the forums and answers a lot?

Hello 4putt,

An Administrator is Comodo Staff, there are Global Moderators that are also Staff, most of them carry the Staff logo, like the CEO Melih does, you can view his profile here:

And check the logo.

The other Global Moderators a “volunteers” and don’t have any relation with Comodo what so ever except for being around a lot here in their spare time.

I am new to computing and to forums…please be kind to me :wink: I couldn’t find the ‘new topic’ button!
I have had Comodo for a few weeks now, installed by a friend as being the best one for me.
All I need to know is what to do with the files waiting for review, a great deal of them are temporary files and everthing is marked modified.

I hope someone can help.

Hi cuban.

Welcome to the forum

After login choose the appropriate section of the forum.

Go to the branch (sub-section) in the tree of the main section, where you want to create your thread (request)

Now you can see “New Topic” button
Is that what you were searching for?

My regards

Thank you so much SiberLynx, I’ll post my question now