Advice please!

Hi all (:WAV)

Hmmmm can anyone advise me on this, advanced windows care v2(freeware) had attempted the following, as per screenshot.

I have naturally denied this attempt, any advice and/or is this suspicious behavior!

Many thanks


Hi all, (:WAV)

I am slightly concerned that i have had no response to the recent post i have made. Is it because it is a
simple answere or is it because i have made simple errors in my english. Either way i would appreciate a response.

Yours, always happy with the products u deliver
Novie (B)

I don’t know about Advanced Windows Care as I try to avoid any program with the Windows name in it (except for the Operating System itself ;D), but the OLE Automation alerts have been reported by many users before on legit programs.

I think this should explain it all from the technical perspective:
** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[b]OLE Automation Alerts[/b],4728.msg35532.html#msg35532,4875.msg36088.html#msg36088,5207.msg38857.html#msg38857

AWC does call home for app updates & signatures. Plus it interrogates almost everything in its hunt for issues/problems. It’s probably OK… I’d personally would want to know what happened next… where, if anywhere, does SVCHOST connect to. That’s the true test. However, if you’re still concerned about AWCL.EXE then you can always get it scanned at to ease any lingering doubts.

Hi Kail (:WAV)

Many thanks again for ur help (:WIN)

I appreciate ur advice on this matter.

Many thanks again

Hi Kail…

I did the scan and Awcl.exe scan status was OK.
I will try and find out where it connects to.
:Beer Novie

Thanks to all who helped me, this can b resolved thanks… NOVIE