advice on why v3 defense+ feature made pc goto crawl.

I installed nod32 AV
Install comodo latest v3 version the free version.
It scanned computer so made me think is it a anti virus also?

After reboot I noticed a lot of functions were very slow like using spy bot sd immunize feature it was taking over 10 minutes to reach halfway, the moment I disabled the defense+ on comodo it finished within 2 seconds and rest of pc was fast again. So now I have the firewall in training mode and defense+ disabled.

Is it typical for defense+ to have a very large affect on performance?
Is it a anti virus as well and as such no need for nod32?
Is comodo ok on XP SP3 which the pc is clean installed earlier today.

PC is a dual core 2 gig ram machine so should be fine in xp.

Just wondering, you’re not using NOD32 Smart Security are you ?


Comodo’s intergated scanner is not a full AV yet. (A beta should come out really soon).
You don’t need Spybot, because it’s ineffective and sice you have NOD32 and Comodo Firewall - you are fully protected :-TU