advice on reinstalling computer, installation order and update product version

hi, planning on reinstalling back to win7 after running into this problem and not liking the update on 8.1
read through the guides and stuff but im still having issues with sandbox even after disabling both sandbox and HIPS

what should i install after 7 finishes installing? i usually install the basic utilities (crapcleaner, unlocker, revo…) first so they can have priority and pick up everything installed after it, then comes security and lastly every other program/game. should i install CIS 7…494 first so i can give them full access upon installing to avoid confusion with defence+? i read around the forums and people say comodo program manager isnt compatible with 8, is it compatible with 7? AFAIK theres not much of a difference between vista and 7.
the reason why im making a big deal out of this is because i plan on adding on more programs to comodo after CIS, like ice/dragon and killswitch, and id also like to take a shot at CPM. hoping the usual utilities can pick them up

just installed the newest 6.3 and noticed 7.0 was out so i havent really tried it out. does the updater include product version/program updates as well, like when CIS 7.1 i can just use the updater on 7.0? currently using 6.3…976 and it says the program is up to date

how do i install files in the programdata/installs with .7z? downloaded and installed killswitch via dialogue box in CIS and id like a hardcopy backed up instead of having to redownload them