Advice on files waiting for review

I have searched in FAQ’s but can’t find the advice I want…

I am new to computing, a friend installed Comodo for me a few weeks ago as being the best one for me.

What I need to know is what to do with the files waiting for review. I had just under a thousand of them
but I did a purge and all of the temporary files have gone, I’m now left with about 300.
All these come up as Valid…where do I go from here?

Use the lookup button to check the files against the Comodo database. The the files marked as safe can be moved to “My own safe files” list. Any other files you know are safe can be submitted to Comodo and also moved to the list.

Hi cuban, rather than moving the files to the safe list if you know it is for stuff you have installed/recognise just tick all (top left) and select “Remove” This will only take them off the pending list, not your computer"

I would then advise you to then open Comodo Interface, select Defence+ at the top, now click Advanced and then Defence+ Settings.
Here you will see a slider which you can move up to “Safe Mode” then click OK, when in this mode you do not have to deal with pending files.
Or you can do as Shaun suggested either way is good :wink: