Advice for gaining more grandular and efficient firewall and blocked app control

Hello community members!

My subject is meant to be about how to requests, or a fuction requests to the Comodo Team if these functionalities are unavailable.

Request 1a
When looking at the list of blocked applicatios (see photo), can we select a group of applications to change their setting all at once? At the moment there is an option to select all or click on multiple apps one at a time. I would like to select a sub group of apps quickly using a Shift or Ctl Select like method or filter.

1b. Additionally, in the ‘Blocked by’ column, some elements have 1,2 or 3 components blocked (e.g. Antivirus, Containment or Firewall). It would be useful, for elements with 2 or 3 components blocked, to be able to unblock 1 or 2 components and leave one blocked. E.g. unblock containment, but leave firewall blocked-note the batch functionality requested in 1a should work here also.

Request 2-single part :slight_smile:
This relates to the firewall settings-application rules
Can we select multiple applications and apply the same setting, without selecting them individually?

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Hi FriendOfComo,

You can select one or more rows using Ctrl / Shift standard options. So Ctrl/Shift functionality is in there. Please try.

Regarding selective exclusion i.e. you only want to exclude specific component, how would you like it to be presented?
Can you please share your ideas on it?
Something like right click context menu presenting:
Unblock from <Component 1>
Unblock from <Component 2>

and it is applied only in case related entry was blocked by that specific component?

Yes, you can. If you go to “Settings → File Groups”, you can define multiple applications and give them a name and when you define a firewall rule, you can select that file group. So this File group feature is available across product and where ever you can select an application, you can also select file group.