advice for D+'s log

hi everybody

D+'s log is not very well. I hope I can choice log or not any access of any application be blocked.

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I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you explain your issue further?


He probably wants to add an option to allow/block logging of D+ actions for a particular application. Could be useful sometimes. But first, they should make the logging (both D+ and Firewall) working at all (it’s totally broken from v 3.0.15 up).

sorry my english is not very well.
I mean I want comodo can not log some meanless opreation.
for example, I make a rule that block xx access disk, I want comodo dont log when xx access disk.
I hope you can know what I said. :-[

Once you’ve set the program to Block Access To Disk then when that programs tries to access the disk it Will show an alert in the defense+ alerts and automatically stop that program from accessing the disk.

Hope that answers your question… Blocked Access Rights / Applications when run will show an alert in the Defense+ but not a Pop-Up one. See attached.

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He already knows how it works, no need to explain it to him (granted, his English is hard to understand), he only made a feature request. What he wants is an option that would allow him to disable logging of a particular rule (right now it’s only possible globally).

yes, that is what I mean. I just want I can decide what events log or not by myself :BNC