"Advent Conspiracy" - Do you really need to buy gifts this Christmas?

Advent Conspiracy Video

The video says it all.

While I agree in theory, I still expect a present Jeremy! :wink:

Only kidding - nice video, excellent sentiment.

Like the old saying goes - a living is what you take out but a life is what you put back in.

The highlight of Christmas this year is going to be the painting my grandkids have been working on for a month, and I’ve only had to help out a little bit. How do you help someone paint when they insist you keep your eyes closed, but you still have to help them anyway?? LOL

Well done LaserWraith. No present can match, helping others in need, love and companionship. Presents are nice for your kids, but Love is the most important feature of Christmas. Make it less commercialised this Christmas. For me no present will match a Hug from my little girl. Christmas for us with the Family is going to be early this year, because Christmas day my wife has to work and her job is helping others in need of care (Nursing).Giving time is better than any present you could ever receive. Have fun and Kind regards.