advapi32.dll is NOT a malware!!!

The problem is the false CIS’ detecting of ‘unclassified malware’ in file advapi32.dll that normally could be found in \WINDOWS\system32 folder and is the part of operating system. Once user agrees with offer of CIS’ to carantine that file, the system becomes dead.
This is NOT a malware nor a virus and MUST be removed from virus/malware bases. (:AGY)

This the third time I have asked could you please please follow the instructions below.
False Positive on advapi32.dll (Russian) also please post if your Windows version is a differrent language than Russian thank you.

Could you please post a False Positive report Here please.
Please follow the instructions in this post
Thank you

The system is really WinXP sp2 Rus. Is the false alarm in advapi32.dll language-specific? …hm!
I sent the report to COMODO.
Sorry for my post to the wrong thread.

It appears it is language-specific as there have been 4/5 members reported this.
Thank you very much for sending report.
The post was fine here.
Thank you