Advanced Tactical Center defence+ problem

my clan is using a program ATC ( for stategy
but Defense+ keep telling me everytime i use it that ATC.exe is suspicious and ask me if i want to delete it.

is it just a False Positive?

if you think its a false positive submit the application through the comodo malware analysis

the file looks safe to me

the file that defence+ tell me is suspicious is the ATC.exe not the install file
if i want to Submit it do i Submit atc_setup_1.0.exe or ATC.exe?

so its defense + thats blocking the file not the antivirus?

yes its defence+

i just sent the file to virustotal

do you think its a False Positive?

since its defense + its not a false positive only the antivirus can give false positives defense + is probably just warning you that the file you are running isnt yet whitelisted by comodo.
to get the file whitelisted submit it here

thank you

no problem