Advanced system care false positive.

Hello. I have encountered an fp with Advanced system care in windows xp 32 bit, with data base 4615.

It comes up as Heur.Packed Unknown@-1 This is in C:Program Files\IObit\AdvancedSystemcare 3\Cooltrayicon_D6Plus.bpl

I can say that it keeps popping up even if i put it in safe files or exclusions and has done the same on Windows 7 32 bit as well, affecting different Os.I have Clicked on send as a false positive several times over tha last few weeks.


Hello dave1234,

Please submit the file through Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis so we can check it.
Thank you!

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Can you please post the resolution here. I have the same exact problem.

No update on this?"

Hello Paul1954. I havent got much hair, but i have been pulling out whats left of it on this one until yesterday.

I have had the pop ups from the same file for weeks now, and Comodo say its not being detected. I got to the point where i just ignored it!!.i have repeatedly sent it to exclusions then Safe files and vice versa, without any sucess, it pops up again straight away… I know its a false positive from the file description and location, and have just set the real time scanner to low heuristics and Voila! its stopped popping up.

Give this a go my friend and see if setting the Heuristics to low solves it.


It’s an heuristic detection, so it’s (probably) not a virus but a possible threat/suspicious. I really think that the AV messages should be more descriptive and easily understandable by most people, but you can always turn heuristics off.
The detection message is just saying that the file is packed with an unknown packer, so the AV can’t probably unpack it and check the real, unpacked file, and it’s warning you about it.
That’s what I get from it anyway.

About the other problem, that it keeps popping up, I’ve had the same problem in the past, so I guess it’s a rare bug.

Thanks Dave1234.

That seems to have worked for me.

Still i think lots of people have both these programs installed. Should be a small fix/update.

in any case thanks for your time to get this annoying popup to stop.