Advanced settings windows slow to close

This has recently started happening, so yes, I know it’s probably something I’ve done…

When I open any advanced settings window (by clicking on Auto-Sandbox in the main window, for example) the window opens normally. If I then click the OK button (even if I’ve not changed anything) it now takes several seconds for the window to close (although it always does close eventually). If I click the Cancel button the window closes immediately.

I’ve watched the CIS processes in Task Manager when I click OK and there is no sudden spike in either CPU or RAM usage and the disk activity light does not flash (so it’s not a disk I/O issue).

I can live with this but I wondered whether this sounds familiar to someone and there’s a simple fix. :slight_smile:

If you click the OK button it saves everything even though you have made no changes.

The more rules you have the longer it takes, usually for me it takes 17 seconds.