Advanced settings in Comodo

In the past, I have used ZoneAlarm Pro and Sphinx’s Windows 7 Firewall Control. Now I am trying to learn Comodo Internet Security 4.0. There are some features that I could use in ZoneAlarm Pro and Sphinx’s Windows 7 Firewall Control, but could not find in Comodo Internet Security 4.0.

  1. I want the firewall to inform me each time a new software tries to connect to the internet. It should ask me what to do. Zonealarm stops the software until I decide and Sphinx first declines the request and ask me what to (Enable or Disable with Apply or Apply Once). I prefer Zonealarm’s approach. However, it looks like Comodo allows all outgoing connections. I do not get any notifications from Comodo, eventhough I switched to Custom Policy Mode. How can I set comodo to ask me what to do when an application tries to start a new connection?

  2. ZoneAlarm Pro and Sphinx show me a list of applications that tried to connect to Internet and the application specific allowance settings that I made. How can I see the application list and their settings in Comodo?

To be prompted for each application, you must change your firewall mode to custom which can be found under Firewall > Advanced > Firewall behavior settings. You can also change alert settings etc.

You also must change the configuration to Proactive Security. More > Manage my configurations

The firewall log is where you can see the apps that have tried to access the net. Can be found under Firewall > Common Files > View Firewall events

If you are not satisfied with the level of logging, you can change it under the advanced > network policy > global rules. Choose the rule you want to edit and there is an option to log as firewall event. Same principle can be applied to any rule that you create or is automatically created.

Hope this helps


  1. First, right-click the comodo icon in the tray, and set the configuration to “Proactive”. Then do as bulgroz suggested and set the firewall mode to “Custom”.

  2. Seeing what tried to connect will require checking the logs. I’d even recommend running the Stealth ports wizard (Firewall=>Common) which rewrites your global rules and puts a “block and log” entry in. To see real-time application connections, use View Active Connections (Firewall=>Common). To see the firewall rules you’ve trained (you’ll start doing that making the Q1 answers changes above) check out Network Security Policy (Firewall=>Advanced).

Thanks. It satrted to ask me when there is a new connection. I saw that there is a “remember my answer” setting when it asks me what to do. How can I change this setting for an application later? When I choose Yes, it does not ask me again for a new connection, so there should be a way to change it later.

Firewall => Advanced => Network Security policy

The first tab is “Application Rules”… here you can see what behavior you’ve "trained’, as well as make any wanted changes.

thanks again