Advanced Security Configuration & uTorrent

Hi, I’ve been looking around trying to find some info on how to set up this part of CPF to increase the speed of uTorrent.
I’ve used CPF for about 6 months and very happy with it.
I’ve got the basic things setup for uTorrent to work well (rules, ports around 50000-55000)
So what I don’t know is what are the best settings in the advanced area. Currently my speeds average 50-60 when I have custom settings in CPF but when I change it to Allow All my speeds average 90-100. I notice changing the flood values increases speed. Sorry if this post already exists somewhere, I just wasn’t abble to find since most posts are about uTorrent and the rules in network monitor.

I also use uTorrent but I haven’t had any problems getting it to work well with CPF - not something I can say about any other firewall I’ve tried! Note, however, that I flashed my router with third-party firmware (dd-wrt) so Your Mileage May Vary

FWIW, I disabled UPnP in the router and in uTorrent. I created a Network Rule in CPF to allow uTorrent to listen to a specific port. Specifically, it allows TCP or UDP In from Any IP To my machine’s IP where Source Port is Any and Destination Port is 13530 (you would put here whatever your copy of uTorrent reports it is using when you hit “Ctrl-G”).

I also had CPF “Scan for known applications” and when I ran uTorrent the first time I made sure to approve all of the pop-ups CPF presented to me concerning it. Oh, and that first time running it was d/l’ing something nice, safe and big - Ubuntu Linux or OpenOffice are good choices.

There are a few other settings in uTorrent to tweak, and installing the modified version of TCPIP.SYS from - Tipps, Tricks & Utilities - Downloads can help speed things up, but these are things independent of the particular firewall used.

Disable uTorrent’s randomize port option if you haven’t already. That’s where tesseract’s one specific port suggestion plays.

You can also tweak the settings in the Global and Maximum connections in the BitTorrent preference, which I assume you already know about.

I allowed 4 additional network rules for incoming ICMP. Didn’t notice that much of a speed gain, but it might help: Echo Request, Port & Host & Net Unreachables.

well so far I’ve gotten the speed up to where it used to be before I reinstalled everything.
I don’t have the TCPIP.SYS since that only helps the speeds to increase at the beginning of a dl.
UPnP is disabled thought my router doesn’t really support it since it’s a piece of **** (Conceptronic).
I scanned for know applications like always and my ports are properly forwarded.
The way I got my speed up was changing the flood values to 150 packets / sec at 15 seconds. That increased my speed about 20 KB/s.
Also raised the global and maximum connections.
Thanks for your replies.

Also the ICMP rules did slightly increase the speed.

TCPIP.SYS affects the maximum outgoing connections I think. Of course, we all know upload affects download speeds in bittorrent.

Your post is the first I’ve read about modifying the flood values. I didn’t even know exactly what those were for and didn’t expect to affect speeds because I thought they were blocking just bad intrusion attempts. Thanks for the info. I’ll try that later…

Here’s an explanation on what flood and duration rates are. There are actually few posts on these, which I suspect is due to the default settings are ideal overall to detect intrusion attempts.

So it seems reducing the duration to 15 seconds isn’t going to help, wheras increasing the packets/second might. It means the firewall will regard 150 packets per second that lasts 15 seconds as an attack.

I didn’t notice any speed enhancements from tweaking this. Then again, my internet speed is not that fast (1.5 Mb d/l), so I usually max it out on popular torrents.

In application monitor you can check the “skip advanced security checks” for your uTorrent program.

It does what it sounds like… ;D
It skips some security checks, so the application responds a little faster.
Some programs need that to be checked to work, like some AV (Avast or AVG) e-mail scanner and so on… that’s because the small delay causes problems…
I’m not sure exactly what it’s skipping, but someone else might be able to help.

I’ve been trying out the flood values now for a while and the 20 to 15 seconds change does nothing but the flood values do seem to make a diference, I have no idea why though ? I’ve reinstalled several times and this is the first time I’ve gotten some speed issues with comodo… maybe I’ll try reinstalling again and see what happens. I’ve used most free firewalls out there and a few that payd ones too… My favorite one was outpost 1.0 but Comodo is by far the best for me now.