Advanced sandbox

Sometimes a useful application can’t be cleaned and deleting it isn’t an option either.
I would like that Comodo puts the offending .exe inside a container with for example as an extention .csb
(Comodo Sand Box)
The file is kept in it’s original place. Comodo never tries to scan it because it’s know to be infected.
The user can start the .csb file as a normal .exe.
The difference is that Comodo opens the file in sandbox.

Hi Blox ,

Basically there is not such thing as “cleaning an Application”. That is a thing of the past
Then, how that relates to sandboxing?

Applications are opened in sandbox.
That is nothing to do with “knowing to be infected” or alleged infection at all.
At the moment the App. is sandboxed - it is just an “unknown” Application


If you want an “Advanced sandbox”, please download and use it (SandBoxIe/ Returnil /etc.)

What you are suggesting, is not a solution at all.
Needless to say - it is not “how you make porridge” and has nothing to do with … 88) … anything, I have to be blunt (don’t get it wrong, please)
…“start the .csb” ??? … interesting … no matter how you think that “may” work

The parent exe must work & virtualisation should not allow any child process being created to escape / write files / tamper the registry / and so on & so forth, which is not the case here.

This sandbox must be redeveloped in order to provide virtualization
… then, possibly it will be an “advanced” one.

But hey ! you have them already so you can download & use them
(sure there are specifics re: 32bit & x64 platforms)

My regards