Advanced help needed pseudo-scripting the firewall

I change around various firewall settings and configurations using the Comodo firewall quite often – at least twice a day. It would be quite wonderful for me if the firewall could be scripted to make this possible, but it cannot be. And since Comodo foolishly failed or refused to use standard Windows GUI controls and features developing their product, I can’t readily use AutoIt or AutoHotkey or the like either!

But although I can’t automate it readily, its still possible – with very tedious and annoying work – to use AutoIt to mostly automate it. I’ve been able to accomplish everything so far up to now. Where I seem to be completely ground to a halt is in trying to read the current configuration list, primarily to determine the Active configuration!

The firewall won’t tell you. BUT I think the registry will!

There’s a registry segment for the firewall configurations, apparently starting at the following root…


The problem is that I need to know which entry would tell me the current active configuration.

Does anyone know?

Or does anyone know of some other approach to automate configuration changes (ideally with no user interaction at all, but if that’s not possible, then what’s the next-best thing to do?

Thank You!

The key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CmdAgent\CisConfigs\Active will tell you what the active configuration is.