Advanced Application Monitor Rules for Proxomitron / Firefox and IE included.

Advanced Application Monitor Rules for Proxomitron / Firefox and IE included.

Note: The default proxy configuration to use Proxomitron is

Always restart your system after removing rules from the Application Monitor!

Application: Destination: Port: Protocol: Permission:

cpfupdate.exe 8080 TCP OUT Allowed
firefox.exe 1000-5000 TCP IN Allowed
firefox.exe 1000-5000 TCP OUT Allowed
iexplore.exe 8080 TCP OUT Allowed
iexplore.exe 1000-5000 UDP IN Allowed
proxomitron.exe 8080 TCP IN Allowed
proxomitron.exe 1000-5000 TCP OUT Allowed
proxomitron.exe [ANY] IN[80,443,8080,] TCP Out Allowed
proxomitron.exe (YourDNS-IP) 53 UDP OUT Allowed (Optional)

    Notice how Loopback rules differ from ordinary rules.

A lot of inappropriate sites may use other ports such as 81,82,8000, or 8090.
You can also block these ports if you wish, but you may also be blocking access
to some good sites too. If you also want to block certain ports from Proxomitron,
then add a rule simular to this:
proxomitron.exe [ANY] IN[81,82,8000,8090,] TCP Out Block (or Ask)


  1. Firefox connects to the internet differently than most other browsers.

  2. If you use a proxy configuration in Internet Explorer, many other applications
    can auto detect proxy settings from IE.

  3. The port range size 1000-5000 may have to be adjusted or set to if neeeded.
    (It depends on the application and how much you surf the internet.)

  4. With these rules in place, you should not be prompted for Proxomitron rules
    if you have the Skip Loopback options turned off.

Last updated and tested on 11/22/06.


Nice one James… thanks, I’ll pin this topic to the top for the time being.

I did try your rules but can’t browse through firefox or IE, don’t know what is proximitron though :frowning:
Here is a thumbnail what shows up in my application monitor


I’ve responded to your other post about your issue, over here:,6045.msg44559.html#msg44559

If you don’t know what Proxomitron is, then you’re probably not using it, and you have no need of the rules in this thread.

The default rules created by an Automatic installation of CFP will do just fine to start with, with the necessary extra rule(s) for utorrent.