Adv. Tree Navigation (For Settings)

Disclaimer: I am unfortunately going to have to disobey the 1 recommendation per poll rule as the tree is pointless without the complimentary UI concept presented in the picture below.

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Problem Part 1: The CIS UI is messy and inconsistent. Features are buried beneath layers of child-windows and tabs.

Solution Part 1: Advanced Tree Navigation

  • The tree expands with a ‘toggle all’ function activated by double clicking the tree title.
  • Each category can independently expand or close.
  • Every tab gets it’s own button on the tree.
  • Every child-window (unless it has tabs in it) gets its own button on the tree.
  • A small check mark or highlight shows which window you have activated.
  • Hovering over a button on the tree activates contextual tool-tips.
  • Scroll-wheel enabled.

What this should do:

  • Fewer clicks and mouse movements to get to access the desired setting.
  • Provide a smoother/ more consistent experience.

Problem Part 2: The CIS UI spawns windows which make it impossible to manage the main window.

Solution Part 2: Embedded settings windows.

  • If [an attempt is made to switch to another view or manipulate the main window], and [changes have been made to the embedded window], then a prompt should appear asking if the user would like to save or discard their changes.
  • If the same is attempted as above but without changes made in the embedded window, then the program should simply perform the task (switch to another view or close the window).
  • The actual event log (accessed by clicking the “more…” button) still opens in a separate window.

What this should do:

  • It should make navigating the program faster in conjunction with the tree.
  • Provide a smoother/ more consistent experience.


  • Yes, the tool-tip in the picture is wrong.
  • Yes, the font is off.
  • I also snuck in an “Ok” button in addition to the apply button, but that’s for another poll.
  • The top buttons (tabs) have been moved to the side with the tree to reduce mouse movement.
  • This idea is similar to my last thread in that it attempts to get everything up front. However it is a distinctly different approach as far as the GUI is concerned. (Thus I ask, please to not merge these threads)

Edit: I’ve added a picture with a more traditional highlight on the tree.

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