Ads in chromodo?

I started trying out chromodo and I am just overrun with ads opening up new tabs constantly. Is anyone else getting the same issue. I am sticking with dragon for now since Ads aren’t such an issue their.

Install Ublock? The best extension for blocking ad’s and trackers.

Hi andrei1997,
Just to clarify are you saying the ads are opening new tabs, or the ads occur when you open new tabs?


Sometimes when I click on a link instead of opening it up it opens another tab with an advertisement.

Hi andrei1997,
I personally don’t like the sound of this issue.
Is it specific advertising that opens?

I would suggest trying a complete new re-install including Chromodos user profile.
If the issue persists, I would recommend checking the system for any possible malware.

Kind regards.

I reinstalled it. Seems to be working. no longer getting new tabs opening up with random advertisers.

Hi andrei1997,
That is good to hear, let us hope it continues behaving.

Kind regards.