Ads Default back in Firefox with Privdog

Hi all,

I have been trying out Firefox 25.0 with Privdog.

All works fine, but the only issue I have come across is that: If I set Block all ad networks. it works fine. But if Close down FireFox and reopen it and check Privdog again it has defaulted back to Deliver TrustedAds from AdTrustmedia

Apart from that its working.

Hope that helps


Thank you very much for your help! You are helping our team. :-TU I will make a ticket about this issue.

Thanks NPoberezhnaya,

What I done next was remove Privdog then remove FireFox 25 beta 1

I Then setup Firefox 24.0 and reinstalled Privdog.

And all works OK. Everything is fine for this version. So it must be for version 25 beta 1.

But a least I’ve told you, so the devs can look into a fix for Firefox 25 when fully comes out.

I hope I have explained everything.



I have the same thing with Firefox v24 and PrivDog, the option seems to only stick for the session, as soon as I close Firefox and re-open it this option reverts back to defaults, hope this can be fixed :slight_smile:

For me AimeeLW, It works just fine, and other times I get the issue as you.

So lets hope it gets sorted soon :slight_smile:



I just had a good test using FireFox 24 and I notice Privdog has been sitting on zero.

It seems to have stopped working the way it should. How I know. I got Self-Destructing Cookies 0.4.1 as an Add-on. And while I was going to a few web pages I was getting a pop-up from Self-Destructing Cookies saying Trackers, Cookies from self-destucted

So that is telling that Privdog is working some how but it’s not showing it.

So I am puzzled.

So I will leave it there.

Hope that info helps



I have fixed this issue I had.

What I did was to totally strip down Firefox as in removed No-script and remove Self-Destructing Cookies.

Then I restarted FireFox and Privdog was working. I was able see red numbers show as in 2 then 8.

So I then I removed Firefox 24 and put in FireFox 25 Beta 1 So I reinstalled Privdog and it was working fine.

But the same issue shows up like I reported in my first post and the same for AimeeLW.

So I will hang fire for a fix to that.

So I hope this info help



P.S. I’m a Comodo Dragon User, but while I’m waiting for an updated. I thought I try Firefox on my Laptop.

I am getting this for FireFox 25 Beta 1 also on what I said on post #5 (as in:For me AimeeLW, It works just fine, and other times I get the issue as you.)

So I’m going to leave it, and just see how it goes and what fix there maybe set in place

But Privdog is working fine now without NoScript or Self-Destructing Cookies.

I am even ignoring what Mark1 posted here: on Reply No4.

But I am keeping Flash cookies turned off on this link> Also turned off flash cookie

So I thought I would explain all, so that NPoberezhnaya and others understand.




@Nige_39: I have both NoScript and Adblock Plus, do you think or feel that either of these two could be interfering with PrivDog causing it to not function correctly, is this possible cause of the settings not sticking ?

Until the devs add Adblock Plus like features for creating our own rule sets its difficult if not impossible to replace it completely with Privdog :frowning:

I really like PrivDog, but doesn’t block everything, which is why I also use Adblock Plus still :frowning:

[at]AimeeLW you are quite right. With having NoScript, it does inter fear with Privdog. Therefore, I removed all the Add-ons and just had Privdog + HTTPS Everywhere and everything was working OK. The Setting for Block all Ad Networks stayed even after many times of closing Firefox and Re-opening again.

Therefore, it makes me think that Privdog is not that Very Compatible, and only seems to run on its own. With nothing else added. I even changed a few Privacy setting. Like shown by Mark1 here: < If you look at third Picture posted by Mark1 where he shows Privacy. I copied those settings and Privdog stops working for me. Therefore, by setting the Privacy back to default Privdog works the way it should

So the Only Add-Ons that seems to work the same time with Privdog is HTTPS Everywhere (without SSL Observatory) But I have noticed on a cold start of my Laptop I have to select Block all Ad Networks just one once and all is OK then.

Therefore, it is a strange one.

Therefore, I will leave it there once again until one of the Staff or Devs check this out.