Adopt the GUI layout created by CMH

One of the members here (CMH) created a concept layout that i consider to be optimal. It’s the only one that makes sense really. I personally think that all the important information related to this program should be visible from the “home” screen/tab/whatever.
Defense+ is the backbone of Comodo Firewall IMO, and it shouldn’t be buried so deep in the interface. Just my two cents.

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Personally I tend to agree with this. It had my vote.

Looks real good to me :-TU

Wasn’t there a poll here a few minutes ago?


Very nice. I like the sandbox part on the side as well. :-TU

wow i really like that. has all the info needed.

go for it Comodo !


Yes please!

Perfect. :-TU
But I don’t use Live Support so I don’t need that box in front of my eyes. Replace it with something else.

Very nice, but
I would like to still have the AV signature “Update Now” button since I prefer to avoid Auto-updates,
and it would be nice to see the AV signature version along with the software version.


alan borer if you click the date it will update the av database…

Thanks for info.


I agree it’s a much more useful layout than the current one. And the “Live support” box could be removed if one uninstalls the component (I know, Comodo needs/wants the revenue, but the nag box is really too much).

Hey guys, how goes it? I am glad that most of you agree with the GUI recommendations for the Summary page. Here is an updated GUI for the Summary page. Have a look at this new Summary page GUI.

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Looks good.


Yes, I like the design too :-TU.

Personally, I would do away with the top system status as it’s already being repeated at the bottom but add additional status icons (enable/disabled/not working) to each section (i.e virus, firewall, defense+).

Also, rather than changing each GUI design for firewall, antivirus or full suite, just grey out the area that are not installed (maybe add a link to install that module later).

Defense+ should definately be on the front page.



I like it, but not fond of the red.

So +1 to the design, -45 to the color. I much prefer the blue.

I’d like it in blue as well please.