Adobe Updater Problem

I am using Windows XP Pro, all latest updates SP2 I think.

I use Norton Security & firewall not the windows firewall.

When I run the Adobe updater with CS2 I get an error message.

“No Internet Connection was found. Please check your internet settings or firewall.”

However if I turn off the firewall, I still get the same error.

Someone else mentioned that it was due to some bug in Internet Explorer v7.
I am using IE v 7.0.5370 so this may be my problem as well.

But I am still not sure exactly how to fix it?

Anyone know?

Hi matt2020, welcome to the forums.

The 2 posts you’ve made have been into the Comodo Firewall support forums. I suspect that you’re not running CFP, but NIS. Is that right? If so, this post should be moved to our General Discussion (off topic) Anything and everything… section.

Anyway, if the Adobe Updater still doesn’t work with your firewall off… then the problem is unlikely to be caused by the firewall. It’s something else… MSIE 7. Check your Internet Connections tab as the error suggests… all OK there?