Adobe Reader PDF viewing problem

I could not find anything on the forums about my problem.
I have installed latest adobe reader X.
Every time I want to VIEW an adobe acrobat PDF document online,
it only gives me the option to download it! It does not view it on the webpage.
Since I study at university I have to read many PDF files online and this is a big problem for me.
I am forced to use firefox as it does open PDFs correctly.
How do I fix this? I cant find anything on the settings that would point me to the right direction.


I was just about to uninstall chrome and just use dragon, but then when I tried to open a .pdf from my harddisk it did not open. You do not need adobe or foxit reader, if you open a pdf from your harddisk with chrome it just displays the pdf. (I do not know if the extension I refer to below, has to be installed) But appearently dragon does not do this, so I was just about to post a question on this forum.
That saying with this extension Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google) - Chrome Web Store

you do not need adobe or foxitreader to see pdf. It just opens the documents with the google docs viewer and displays .pdf perfectly. (I do not know if you need gmail account to be active). But try to install it and see whats happens as you click a pdf online. I just tested it in dragon and it works for me.

If anybody can help me and tell me why dragon does not display .pdf from harddisk. they are welcome.