Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw?

Pretend Adobe Photoshop & Corel Draw were both free, which one would you chose?
Or would you chose something else?

Adobe Photoshop, simply because I’m comfortable with it and I haven’t tried Corel Draw… But since none of them are free I go with GIMP since more than a year. I hate the GUI but I love that the application takes so little disk space compared to Adobe Photoshop. Yet it can do so much. :slight_smile:


AutoDesk Suite
“Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk Cleaner & Cleaner XL
Autodesk FBX
Autodesk Flame
Autodesk Inferno
Autodesk Lustre
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk MotionBuilder
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk Smoke
Autodesk Toxik”



Adobe Photoshop ≈ Corel Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Illustrator ≈ CorelDRAW

Hmmm…I’ll look at it.

Quite a list. I’ll look at that too.

I use Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat Pro to make PDFs for offset printing. Nothing beats that combination. 8)

Yeah, I have Acrobat Pro, and I use it a lot (it was worth the money).

I have Adobe CS3 Premium, and it’s got lots of applications, half of which I don’t even know the functions of :slight_smile:

But I use Photoshop CS3, Camera Raw (for editing RAW images) and Bridge (image library management). All three are awesome programs.

I tried The GIMP for a short while, but the UI was simply not to my liking. But hey, it’s free… ;D

Price doesn’t matter that much to me, I have I very rich friend who loves to buy me presents (sometimes he gets me an early Christmas present, then he forgets that he got an early one for me and sends another :■■■■)…(quite nice that I have such a friend, eh?) (:AGL)

Me wants rich friend too also and as well!

There’s PhotoGIMP: free and is GIMP tweaked to look and behave like PS.

Sorry he’s mine. ;D

Where can I download PhotoGIMP? I googled it but couldn’t find it.

As JoWa said, the comparison is flawed: Photoshop (raster graphics) against CorelDraw (vector graphics) doesn’t make sense.

[ at ]giraffe: What you mean is called GIMPshop and is no more developed. It is based on an old GIMP version (2.18?). The idea was very good. Much easier to use than native GIMP.

Can you explain what raster and vector mean?



Thanks. From what I can gather, it seems that vector graphics make better/clearer pictures. Can anyone give me an example in which a Raster graphic would be better?


Jeremy, what does that poll help you if you don’t even have a basic understanding in graphics and image manipulation?
Do you look for advice which one you should buy? First get familiar with the basics. Play with the open source products Inkscape (vector) and Paint.NET (raster) or GIMP (raster) and get some basic knowledge.