Adobe Flash won't install properly

The browsers I use are Mozilla Nightly and Comodo Dragon, and it seems like the Adobe Flash installer is having trouble distinguishing between the two.

I recently noticed that for some reason, YouTube videos and other Flash applications did not work in Dragon anymore, while I remember to have them work before. Dragon notified me of a plugin missing, so I tried installing Adobe Flash by going to and installed it using the autodetected settings, ‘Windows 64-bit , English, Chrome’, but when I ran the installer, it urged me to close Nightly (I had it open at the time) halfway through the process. I did so, and exited the installer when it was done. However, nothing was installed on Dragon yet, as I didn’t see any plugin with a/the name (similar to) ‘(Adobe) Flash’. I tried rerunning the installer without closing Nightly and just telling it to retry, but it would just repeat the prompt.

After that, I went to the Adobe Flash page again and clicked ‘Do you have a different operating system or browser?’, which as expected didn’t have specific support for Dragon, so I just picked ‘Windows 7 64-bits, English, Other Browsers’. I reran the steps I took with the previous installer, but it still didn’t work.

Additional info:

  • Mozilla Nightly has the last version of Adobe Flash.
  • I use a Windows 7 64-bits system.
  • If I’m right, Flash has worked on Dragon in the past. Not sure though.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance,

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Flash Player (64 bit) works fine in Dragon 18.3 (and Nightly/Firefox 15.0a1) on Windows 7 64-bit when I test.

You can download it here (“Plugin-based browsers”):

Close Dragon and other plugin-based browsers before installing Flash Player.

Type/paste dragon://plugins in Dragon’s address-bar, to see if Flash is enabled.

It worked, thanks! It still prompted me to close Nightly, so I just closed both, and it installed properly, as it now properly views Flash applications.

You’re welcome. Glad it worked. :slight_smile: And, yes, as all plugin-based browsers use the same Flash Player, they all have to be closed when installing it.