Adobe Flash / Shockwave Question


Is CD identifying the correct plugins being used? For example:- appears as Shockwave Flash appears as Shockwave for Director

Maybe this correct but thought I would check.


That is correct. Test it with another browser to see for yourself.

Hi EricJH

How do I test under a different browser? (say IE for example). Shouldn’t the first link be identified as “Adobe Flash Player”? I thought “Adobe Flash Player” and “Adobe Shockwave Player” were two different products.


They are two different players.

That is what I thought but CD is identifying Adobe Flash with “Shockwave Flash” plugin. See attached screenshot.


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The naming is confusing. Flash Player is officially named Shockwave Flash Player. So it is from the same branch as Shockwave for Director but a different program. The Shockwave for director is often used in online games

:(I am trying to listen to pandora and play my farmville i keep getting shockwave player crashed. I have redownloaded shockwave player numerous times and I still keep getting crashes. I just installed comodo as my new web browser yesterday and I was impressed until now. Someone help or I will have to go back to slow ie8 browser.

Can you provide us with url’s so for testing?

Do you see Shockwave Player in the D+ logs? If so can you post a screenhot of the D+ logs? They are under Defense → Common Tasks -->View Defense + Alerts.