Adobe flash player

Is there anybody facing the problem with flashplayer plugin version 10.2 that cannot be run automatically, thus dragon annoyingly disable in advance and then asking EVERYtime the pages reloads?

It’s annoying you know!

I tried to update to version 10.3 as it ‘kindly’ suggested me to do, but I found nothing and a “temporarily disabled” adobe page for downloading the newest version. what the!?
I tried to download from another browser, such as IE, Firefox, but adobe always returned me NOTHING, BLANK PAGE!

It’s frustrating!!!

Download v10.3 from Filehippo :
Netscape version for all browsers but IE
Active X version for IE only:

Then download the Flash uninstaller from . Use it to uninstall and then install the Netscape and Active X versions of v10.3 .