Adobe Flash player update [SOLVED]

First let me say …My friend suggested COMODO to me as a faster more secure browser for the gaming that i do…i LOVE it !!! had it for several weeks…not one complaint…until today…every page i go onto that has games , video type this im asked to Update my Adobe Flash Player…after not being successful with the installs i did some troubleshooting…it does ask if i use another browser other than firefox , chrome …so i open that tab to find Safari , Opera…no Comodo ???..tried a install just to see…but nothing…help…as i really dont want to go back to firefox !!!

Jen :-\

Hi Jen,

Welcome to the forums!
Can you please type ‘about:plugins’ in the URL bar to see if Dragon finds the flash plugin, also which version it shows?

The Flash plugin for Firefox should also work for Comodo Dragon.

Hi Ronny …heres what it says : Adobe Acrobat - Version:
Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape “9.5.1”

So the flashplayer is not detected by Dragon.

Can you download this one and install it

That should work, please close Dragon and other browsers before you start the installer.

Your awesome Ronny thanks…it is the same version Abobe FP 11…i had been trying to DL and install…but your link worked …Thanks you !!! … ;D

Your welcome!

                        When i tried this it didnt work. I have had trouble before with this but i got it fixed. can u help me?

Download the Flash Player uninstaller and try a clean installation of the latest Flash Player.

Let us know if that fixes it. Sites sometimes break when Dragon is set to not send referrer header information. See if enabling sending referrer header information helps.