adobe flash player update in dragon

Hello Not sure if i´m on the right page; windows 7 64 bit, just installed sp1 and all the updates plus some driver updates. Now trying to update adobe flash but having problems even from the adobe website. I looked online and it seems there is a problem with flash player in chrome. Does anyone have knowledge or a fix of this problem? Thanks, Peter

I also had issues with trying to update Adobe Flash through filehippo. So I had to switch to another browser.

It’s very easy to update Flash in Dragon by going to, seeing what the latest version is and which one you have, then clicking on Player Download Center if there is a newer version available. It automatically detects your browser and presents you with the correct download. You then just decline the Google toolbar or the McAfee thing and download and install the update. I see no reason to do it any other way or from any other site.

What is the problem, to download or to install Flash Player?

Here the download site I recommend:

Hello, I have updated the IE version by using the IE browser but still cant get the non IE update. I can only find it via filehippo. When I click to download the update I get to the getadobe page and the screen then flashes between …waiting for…and …connected to. Going to the adobe download site directly gives the same result. Filehippo shows the correct situation , the IE version is up to date now but the nonIE is not. Thanks for the help, Peter

“Going to the adobe download site directly gives the same result.”

Do you mean or ?