Adobe Flash Player on CBS

I’m attempting to watch a video on the CBS.come site. It said I needed to download Adobe Flash (however it does not ask me that when watching YouTube video)

I download the Flash. I restart the browser and attempt to watch the video.

It tells me I need to download adobe flash - the download I just did!

Please advise


Hi jmachats and welcome.

Did you download and install the PPAPI-version? Do you see it in chrome://plugins/?

Hello Jowa

Thanks for the reply and welcome

Do you mean the PPAPI version of Chromodo OR of Flash? I’m afraid I don’t understand

And if you’re asking if I see a flash plugin in “chrome://plugins/” the answer is no I do not


Hi jmachats,
JoWa means to install the PPAPI version of the Flash plugin.
Instructions found in the quote below.

Kind regards.

Hello Captainsticks

Thanks for your answer.

I actually tried that and when I tried to chose my OS it wasn’t on the list - I have windows 10

However my other computer has win 10 and I was able to fix this issue by checking “let it access file URLs” or something like that.

So I’m confused as to why it doesn’t work on this computer but does on the other

Hi jmachats,
Select Windows 8 from the list.
Windows 10 is listed under the system requirements.

Kind regards.

Hello CaptainSticks

I believe we’ve got it fixed

With some help from a tech at Microsoft we uninstalled and reinstalled Chromodo

At that point we could see it in “chrome://plugins” and were able to turn flash on

Thanks for your help!

Good to hear the issue is solved. :-TU