Adobe Flash Player not working with Dragon 12.2 [SOLVED]


I recently changed from IE to CD. Havent uninstalled IE at all.
However, now CD comes up with a message everytime flash its needed:
It is necesary to update Adobe Flash Player to see this video.
Download it from Adobes website.

Comodo Dragon Version Dragon 12.2 (Stable)
NO Plugins/Themes installed in Comodo Dragon
Windows XP SP 3 (32-bit)
System Drive: "C:"
Comodo Dragon installation: “C:\Archivos de programa\COMODO\Dragon\dragon.exe”
User privileges: Administrator
NO Google Chrome installed.
IE: 8.0.6001.18702IC

Hi w-e-v,
IE uses activeX where as CD uses a plugin for flash, so yes you would need to install Flash plugin.

Hi captainsticks,

When I want to download from adobe website, site goes to endless looping:

So I decided to go directly to the file:

But its not working. Install goes through, but nothing happens on CDs end.
I dont find any documentation how to install the plugin in a different way.


Try it from here, download top right corner.
Also save it first then run installer.

Edit: Apologies w-e-v I realised after that you said install went through, have you restarted CD after install?

Thanks captainsticks ;D

Didnt restart CD, thats why it was not working.

Now it works fine. Appreciate your help!

Glad to hear it is working w-e-v.
Kind regards.