ADobe Flash Player HELP

Since many times I work the evening shift I enjoy watching the different programs a day or 2 later on the networks or Hulu using the Flash Player. These all are 1 hour shows on different networks and Hulu.

In reading this has been going on for a while for many. When watching usually 2 or 3 shows, the player will lock up/or time out. Almost always during an ad, with no quick way to get the show continuing.
After a complete clean maybe 1 complete show will play and possibly 2 but doubtful. With 3 guranteed it will lock sometime during an ad.

This occurs with both IE8 and the current Dragon.

Tried to remove ALL Adobe products Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader (of which there were 4 different versions in the Programs Folder, Adobe Air and Flash for both Dragon and IE, and finally Shockwave. I say tried because there are some LOCKED Adobe files that even CSC “Forced Delete” cannot remove the locked files (found in Program Files Adobe, StartUp, and Prefetch,including regestry keys.)

Then also reinstalled the latest Adobe Reader, both Flash Players, the Shockwave Player

Also use each browsers delete history, Java clear history, and Ccleaner. The Global setting for storage to Delete all websites is confirmed etc. The ram is 512 and last speed test was 5.2 MB.

Just curious IF anyone here has this problem, and has anyone solved it?

Sent a 2nd request to Adobe for Help but probably will get a 2nd generic reply !

Thanks for the Help

No problems with Streaming TV videos with Dragon, but IE8 still locks up during ad streaming. Found that in IE8 sometimes the show might hiccup for a second but continues to play, but when it comes to an ad I never know if it will hang or not.
A few times a very few times the ad hangs but the countdown continues and the show continues. Also with 2 or 3 ads I will see 2 counters one on the left which hangs and the one on the left continues the countdown. Normally only the counter on the right shows.

Really did not have the time to run 3 shows with each TV network I watch, but found less problems with ABC than with CBS and Fox, there was a little problem with NBC (1 show) and did not run USA or other networks I watch or Hulu.

All adobe products were uninstalled and reinstalled and IE8 also

Seems like an anomily with Flash Player and IE8, for months others have had the same problem with NO response from Adobe.


Did get a response from umesh P. from Microsoft Support (IE Flash Player forum), in trying to help me with this agravating problem. But no response from anyone else, networks and not sure where to post for Adobe (adobe support never seems to post directly)

Here is my last post to him:

Hi again, still unable to download Guided Help ??

Again the problem is occuring in both browsers but much more often in IE8.

I still tend to believe something is happening to the syncraniztion of the ad stream or 1/2 port were it is downloaded?

A battle between two ads also could be a possibility but I doubt it.

One thing I did that helped with the other browser is (and I have done the before) delete temp files and run IPCONFIG ./flushdns.

Also discover that in both IE8 and Dragon after running Flash Player after cleaning the following program has two folder show up

I delete the contents but ensure both empty folders remain. This did not help for IE8 but seemed to for Dragon.

Wondered if other files could have been created by Flash Player or even registry keys that I did not know What to search for ? One of the sites that I have the most problems is

Also noticed that many times lately when clicking on a link to uTube videos that they never start.

Although it does happen frustriatingly more often with IE8 this problem does occur with Dragon.

Not sure how to do it, thought there might be software I could run in the background, and eidit the time frame when it ws occuring and someone here might be able to make recommendations ?
With Dragon because of the occurances do not happen that often, I would have to ReStart after it locked during an ad stream.

Since CBS is one of those TV streams that has the most problems, IF someone thought they could help while OnLine, not sure if there location would need to be in the U.S. or not because of the location of the stream and the time difference ??

Thanks Again

If I understood correctly, browser is the one that stops responding? If so, when that happens, open Task Manager and check CPU Usage. If it is high, search for a process that is consuming it and report back with its name.

Thanks for the reply deadman,

No it is the Flash Player for each browser, IE8 uses activeX and Dragon uses a plugin, Chrome already has Flash Player built in but with Dragon I needed to download the Flash Player Plugin for Non IE browsers.

During the streaming of the ads the stream locks up. Sometimes the 1st ad but usually during the 2nd ad,
also during which time set varies.

As I said it is really frustrating using IE8 but still occurs with Dragon.


Try any ad blocker.

Just installed the lastest Flash Player releases ActiveX for IE8 and Plugin for non IE, “Sounded” great,
Now the stream hesitates always 2-3 seconds in then continues and the 1st ads on both IE8 and Dragon stall the stream. No need to wait to see if the ads stall later on as before.

Looks like Adobe is only looking and programing for the newer processors, and forgetting about all those who have processors 5-10 years old.
And that would not be just a few but I would say quite a few that have been a budget crunch for the last 5-10 years.

Would you have any suggestions about an ad blocker that will work with both Dragon and IE8 ?


I don’t use IE nor Comodo Dragon, but try Adblock for IE or Adblock for Chrome (it should also run on CD).

Installed both AdBlockers, no Luck ???

Ran Dragon 1st The intro Video hung for about 3 seconds (this I believe is the new Flash Player) then during the 1st set of ads the second ad hung,

Next ran IE8 the intro did not hang this time but the very 1st ad hung 3-4 seconds in.

Can you suggest any program I can run in the background and edit around the time of the lock up,
With IE since its “almost always” there should be no problem
With Dragon I will restart and see if it hangs, not sure with this version of Flash but before it might be the 3rd or 4th ad set before it does.

Need to leave for work.

Thank you for your Help

I don’t quite understand what you mean by that.

I recomend you format your PC, that should do the trick. :-TU

it is really frustrating using IE8
Here's a adlocker for IE8, if your intreasted in it

go here and download this

In the settings, I recommend adding these for


under the adblock settings, you will see a icon called"update settings".  Just above that icon at 1 at a time add those 2 filters block websites to it.  After you copy and paste the filter block site.  click on "update settings" for each of them
restart IE8 and no more adds :)

Sorry for the delay, waited several days to see if I would get any response in the Adobe Forum or an additional response in the Microsoft Forum, nada and nada :frowning:

It looks like it is happening in a secondary channel, Flash Player TV stream being the original and the ad breaks being the secondary.

Since I have not seen anyone else post a similar problem, it must be my PC, possibly a missing registry Key. Or a Security setting, it happens more often with IE8 but also does happen with Dragon.

Was wondering if someone new what to look for and most importantly what to ask for, a program similar to Process Monitor and Process Explorer could be ran in the background. This might show what is and is not happening around the time frame of the stalls.

In running Process Monitor I noticed several times “Not Found” and the countdown timer never stopped even if the ad did. Noticed for the ad for Cat Block that the ad stopped and the top count timer stopped but a new timer within the ad continued. Really not sure when I ran Process Explorer, no time frame to show me where to start looking. During one of the second ads the screen was blank but the countdown timer continued till the TV show restarted.

Thanks for any Help

Also for months, I have been experiencing the same problem of the CBS video stream locking up when the second commercial starts to play. I encounter the problem on at least three different PCs (some XP Home, XP Pro SP3, IE8 on all, Flash 9 or 10, etc.). While reading replies to this problem, one reply mentioned the Google Chrome browser. I believe that the reply stated that Flash support is built-in instead of being an add-on. After installing and using Google Chrome to view some of the shows, my problem stopped occurring. I have watched “Survivor”, “Amazing Race”, “CSI”, etc. now without the video stream hanging.

Try Google Chrome to view your video streams from

Commanding The Celsius…Formatting and Reinstalling will probably solve this problem, but it will not show me what is causing the problem. Formatting is a major step that I always do LAST, if an InPlace Upgrade does not work and that is next to Last…

Tech410, your response shows at least I am not alone with this problem,

Still NO Response in the Adobe Forum, No Response from CBS, No New Response in the IE Forum.

I do not know what is causing the problem and maybe more than just us 2 are having it ?

In analyzing when it happens, I still would like a program that could be run in the background to check Internet connections.

It looks like something in the background is stalling secondary connections.
The main show stream being the primary. Could be the ads are not getting cleared ?

Had wished someone here in the Comodo Forums might have had a program I (WE) could have run in the background and they could have analyzed followed by additional tests or recommendations.
Using CBS as the test stream and IE8. Results from 2 different PCs would definately help someone narrow the problem more quickly.

Also noticed that some secondary connections from MSN Home Page in IE8 load slow but eventually load after a long wait.

Is there a tool to check and reset all the Internet connection settings?

Noticed in Flash Control Panel there is no Restore to Default settings, so no recommendations for storage settings including ads, etc ?

Comodo Dragon which I use does not currently contain Flash Player as does Chrome. I need to run both FlashPlayer Active X for IE and FlashPlayer Plugin for Comodo Dragon.

In my last post mentioned Process Explorer. When I closed it and tried to reopen IE8, I did not have an Internet Connection and rebooted. And suprise, in IE8 the CBS stream did not lock/stall till the 3rd set and again the second ad, Normally it was always in the 1st set of ads.

Eventually Dragon will still lock/stall (sometimes 3-4 shows) but not as often; and as you have found more often with IE8 CBS.


Did try several tweaks and most secondary links in IE8 now load a lot faster !
But the problem with the CBS TV show streams stalling during (and only during) ads; be it during the 1st set of ads, or the 3rd, or 4th set of ads continues.

Noticed that almost immediately after CBS requests storage space another program from Red Sheriff sends an identical request.
The program

Week before last tried deleting the content but left the empty folders. (in more than one location) but did not help.
I know their cookies collecting information, but somehow could this also cause conflicts and stalling ?
The stall always occurs after several seconds of an ad.

Thanks for any and all help in solving this annoying mystery !

In narrowing my ideas of what might be causing streamed TV Shows to stall in Flash Player, I narrowed my observations to the ad breaks, but could not find and definitive cause. Tried uninstalling cleaning and reinstalling Flash Players and Shockwave Players and IE8 with no success.

Oh if I am installing Flash Player x for IE and Flash Player Plugin for Dragon, and Shockwave Player that seems to cover both browsers,

IS there a specific Order they should be installed ? ?

The problem happened with most of the TV Streams and both browsers but occured most with IE8 and the CBS stream

I also noticed that on the CBS connection as soon as CBS asked to store information, immediately after asked.

Wondered if there might have been some type of conflict during the ad stream ?

Still do not know what was causing the original problem, but it currently works with the CBS stream and IE8 after doing the following.

Cleaned using Ccleaner, ATF Cleaner, Auslogics Registry Cleaner, Internet Explorer Options (reset and delete temp files), and MRU Blaster

Also reset Tcp and Netsch.

Rebooted and when Flash Player came up with CBS checked yes for it and for Security-US.imrworldwide

As of now ran 5 programs and no stalling although with one show the playback stalled for 3-4 seconds at the beginning, and then continued with No problem.

I would like to say I solved the problem, but too many times before 3 days later the problem reappears. In 5 weeks if it continues this way I will say its fixed, without knowing what caused it !


Hello UncleDoug;

A lot of times its the browsers fault communicating with flash;

you can try to go here Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel and clear/edit the settings as you wish; a lot of times you’ll need to refresh that cache (not empty but just refresh) via (Ctrl+F5)

I have yet to have any issues with Flash with IE8 - Dragon - Chrome installed… (I have uninstalled all versions of flash and downloaded them when needed to) - there isn’t really a official order to install flash player ActiveX/Plugin…

my 2 cents

Try updating/installing this component on your windows operating system:

Microsoft .NET Framework

I have these components installed on my pc which is also arround 5 years old, single core cpu, 1 GB ram, windows xp pro sp3:

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.0

I have the following Adobe components installed:

Adobe AIR
Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX
Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin
Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5

I am using Firefox 3.6.15 with the following add-ons:

AdBlock Plus 1.3.3
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.2.1

And the following plugins:

DivX Web Player
Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
Shockwave Flash
Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library

Note: I use Internet Explorer 8 also, but rarely, on sites that don’t support Firefox. I’ve used IE8 some days ago on a site where I’ve watched a 2 and a half hour video documentary which had adds from time to time, but the adds were dissapearing after 5 seconds or so. I did not experienced any problems with IE8 !

Note 2: Update your windows to service pack 3 (if you still use sp2) since sp2 is no longer supported by Microsoft, use a codecs pack software (I use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack which is free), update your graphics card video drivers.

Note 3: Increase your virtual memory (it’s recomended to have double the amount of your phisical ram, e.g if you have 1024 mb ram, then the amount of virtual ram on your hard drive should be 2048 and so on).

Note 4: Defragment files on your disk drive to have them in order and with no fragments.

P.S These are just some tips and ideas, maybe some of them can help with your problem.

Good luck !