Adobe Acrobat Pro Unable to print with Defense+ actiive !!!

There is my problem,

I am unable to print any PDF file with Acrobat Pro, Acrobat reader, their plugins for WEB browser or any other PDF capable programs like Foxit.

Every time i want to do a print job i got this message : “Before you can perform print-related tasks such as
page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer.” When i try to install a printer noting happens, imposible to open the printer instal process.

This problem appear after i installed Comodo Firewal 3, before that everything was working fine.

I messed around in settings of Comodo Firewal setup and i discover that as soon i disable Defense+ , everything work like before, PDF printing work normaly. I tried to close adobe acrobat then put DEFENSE+ and Firewall in training mode but that’s not working as soon i put back DEFENSE+ in Safe mode i am unable to print pdf files anymore.

I am sure there are some settings around to correct this annoying problem without disabling DEFENSE+ protection.

Any help wil be appreciated.



set adobe as “trusted application” in the defense + menu

set defense + in training mode for some time after you reset the firewall…

Hi, triple x

Please explain me what do you mean by " after YOU RESET THE FIREWALL" how can i reset the firewall …!


Clafca :THNK

well… when you first install the firewall, you have the possibility to export the * standard * configuration file… this will serve as a backup, when you mess something up in your current configuration after a while of continuous use… so if you think something is messed up, you just import the configuration file you have exported a while ago… and the configuration will be overwritten and can so serve as * reset* …

You can export different configurations for different rules for different situations… (:WIN)…

if you do not have made a configuration file, I can upload it here for you…

This might not solve your problem, but it is worth to try it… you can also try to purge some invalid rules on your computer…

in the worst case defense + needs to be redesigned… but that is on the developers… (:WIN)

Unfortunately I did not export the configuration file when i have installed the firewall, what can i do now, can i purge and erase everything or can i import a basic configuration file, yesterday night i messed aroudn for an hour with no result .

I flushed everything that i’ve seen to be related with Acrobat in the config after i have put the firewall and D+ in learning mode but with no effect the only way i can print pdf is with D+ deactivated.

Thank’s for your help


Many people report problems with printing when defense + is active… it seems that certain services and processes needed for printing are being blocked silently by defense + somehow… But I can not tell for sure…

To help you further I included a configuration file for you, extract on your desktop for example and import it in to cfp and see if you still have problems…

[attachment deleted by admin]

(:LGH) (:LGH) I got it but what is archive password… to extract the file (:LGH) (:LGH)

Thanks Clafca

ooh I am sorry… I did not knew I actually set an * active* password…

The password = CFP

:BNC :BNC :BNC Yes it work, i have save my previous configuration after i loaded the one you gave me… :BNC :BNC :BNC

I’ve tried Acrobat and it work i can print normaly, i also open a PDF in Opera and Firefox and it work also i can print PDF.

Thank you very much for your help its appreciated.

Bye (:WAV)


Well, that is very good news! I am glad it worked out well for you!

Have a nice day!