Administrator rights


I am running Windows 7 and have multiple users.
I wish to restrict firewall configuration access only to users with Administrator rights.
As I don’t trust my regular users to mess up with the firewall and potentially totally shut it down and change settings.

How can I do it with your product?

Using FREE version: 4.0.135239.742


I am not sure if you can fine tune it like that (never tried).

But you can use the parental controls with password protection for that. With that alerts will get blocked and it also blocks access to Firewall and Defense + areas. I guess that is for all users.

The best way is to implement security on CIS. I.e. set a password: Miscellaneous/Settings/Parental Control.

I also suppose, altough i know xp and not 7, that always running in guest mode, like advised as a security measure, and setting appropriate windows privileges (something like playing with gpedit.msc and users rights in xp pro) would keep the guest to modify whatever has been set with administrative privileges.