Administrator right


I just installed the new version of this firewall and i think it is great. The new function, antivirus scan, is a great idea.

But I can’t activate it without running Comodo Firewall as an administrator. When I press the button, nothing is happening. And if i choose the cpf.exe and make that run as an administrator it works.

But if I set the cpf.exe to run as an administrator always, then it won’t even start. The process is running but only 56 kb ram is used. And i can’t open it.

Can somebody help?

You’ve just discovered the big problem with the workaround of running CPF as an administrator in order to use the new antivirus scan function. Well, that and having to shut down the firewall in the first place…

Comodo REALLY needs to fix this via an update!

Are you using Vista? Try turning off UAC and see if it works then. There is a similar set of UAC related problems.

I’ve turned off the UAC and now everything works fine.

So it is UAC there is causing the problems. But maybe i should leave UAC disabled, because i have put in on quite mode. So it won’t prevent anything from running.

But i hope comodo would solve this, if it is possible.

Feel free to ask me about anything if it can help you. :slight_smile:

I find a lot of programs don’t work correctly with UAC on, and have turned it off permanently. You are left with the same degree of protection you had with XP, plus the features of D+, and that is enough for me. :slight_smile: Since CFP3 is a new program designed for Vista, the UAC issues should be fixed, but I don’t consider them high priority.

hehe, UAC is only a problem.

I can’t figure out why the OS has to protect its costumers? Then pre-install Comodo Firewall instead. Then Windows Users is protected ;D.

But thanks for your reply, I will disable UAC. (V)

I think Microsoft is too worried about a bunch of users/strangers sharing a single computer. :slight_smile:

agreed, (:NRD)