Administrator privileges to change rules

Currently the only method of setting Comodo Internet security so rules can only be changed is by setting a password for Comodo itself. This means every time you want to change a setting you will have to enter that password.

But then if you leave the alerts enabled anyone can add rules but if they are disabled you will never get prompts on firewall events.

Is it possible to say that changing the settings that would required the Parental Control Password instead require administrator privileges. This would be an excellent use of Windows Vista’s User Account Control.

A standard user who tries to make changes follows whatever setting UAC is on to get administrator privileges, normal requiring them to enter an admin password. And an administrator simply gets a consent message by default.

In Windows XP (Or Vista with UAC off) a normal user who tries to set a rule automatically fails or is asked to enter a password that has been specified because from what I understand gaining administrator rights isn’t as easy in Windows XP.

This would mean that if a person or entity wished to keep their Comodo settings under control they wouldn’t have to enter a password continuously unless they did not have administrator privileges. And someone who does have administrator privileges would still get prompts for actions.

Side note:
This could be further enhanced by allowing people privileges to change settings in the same way folder privileges are set.