Adjust forum to jump to the topic just accessed

Something I find a little annoying at times is after I’ve read or have posted a response to a particular topic, the page containing the subject listings reverts to page #1 and to the top of the page again. That necessitates a lot of unnecessary scrolling to find the next topic of interest which may well be at the foot of the page and several pages forward.

I usually browse by opening a new tab for the thread I want to view. That way you can “browse/post a reply” in that new tab then, when finished close the tab and be right back at the spot where the last thread you browsed was in the previous tab.

You can control some of this activity by going to your Profile and checking the Look and Layout Preferences section.

If you click the “Additional Options” at the bottom of your post (visible while you’re posting) there are some other options there as well.