address bar drop

Just like IE and firefox has in the address bar when you type in a site and click go etc. Well I dont know why Dragon didnt have it and its really sad IMO cause if it did it would be the perfect browser. :-[

I’m not sure exactly what you are describing.

Are you saying there is a lack of a “Go” button? This is correct, but you can just press Enter.

Or are you saying that you can for example, type in Ford in the address bar and it will automatically direct you to

If this is the case, I’m not an IE user, but Firefox has third party help to accomplish this. If you type a word like Ford and hit Enter, Firefox sends you to Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky”, link.

You mean that little arrow to the very right in the address bar?

I just typed in a site in the address bar and then hit the “enter” key on my keyboard. Very fast and just as fast as clicking on the arrow. :wink: :-TU

Yeah, but like how IE and Firefox keeps your most visited sites on the drop down bar which makes it easy and convenient to visit your fav sites.

You don’t need the dropdown. Just start typing the address of your favorite site. Dragon will search your bookmarks and you can click the proper site. Same functionality without the dropdown.

Yeah, that’s why I like the drop down cause I don’t want to type or use the keyboard. ;D

If you don’t want to type anything, wouldn’t it be simpler to just make a bookmark?