additional protection

Since I didn’t find an explicit mention in the program settings I wanted to ask the following question:
Does CIS include protection against ransomware, rootkits and PUPs?
Thanks in advance.

Yes it does.

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Yes,Comodo Internet Security (CIS) protect you against ransomware/rootkits/unwanted programs by preventing it from ever accessing your file system.
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do you mean with the function to run in the sandbox all the programs that are not in its safe list?

is it able to clean up an infected pc from them?

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  1. function sandbox protect against trojancrypt or ransomwares;
  2. comodo internet security prevent infections :smiley:

NOTE: security suites not recovery files encrypted for ransomware, only remove files of ransomwares. some security companies use “shadow copies” (example: shadow explorer, copie system restore of windows-rstrui…) :-TU

so no