Additional Fax Numbers?

I have signed up for the trial of the $39.95 Power plan (with toll-free #, since local #'s are not available in KY yet).

I need the ability to have specific faxes routed to different email addresses. Meaning if someone sends me a fax I want it to come to me and not my employees. If someone sends an employee a fax, I want it to go to that employee and not the other employees or me.

The only way I can figure this can happen is to have multiple fax #'s for my account. Is this possible? How much are the extra #'s and how many can I have? I only need 3 fax #'s total. I’d really rather not pay $39.95 for every person.


An account will send all faxes to the email addresses listed for notification. Trustfax is not able to open a fax to determine to whom to email it.
To have faxes go to different people, you will need to setup a fax number for each.