Adding trusted application on network

I have several client/server applications which are stored in a folder on a network share. When I start an application I add it as a trusted application. But firewall keeps asking permission for this application. The application is added in the rules as N:\Software\Aloha.exe. But I also see it as an UNC-path sometimes with ip-address (\\Common\Software\Aloha.exe) and sometime with hostname (\FS06\Common\Software\Aloha.exe)

I can’t seem to configure Comodo firewall so that my application is trusted and can access the entire network. I also tried learning mode.

Is this a known problem of am i doing something wrong?

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CIS will not persistently store rules of external devices. It will remember the rule for the Windows session or until the device is removed. The reason for this is that it cannot continuously monitor these sources and are therefor not considered safe.

It is not a bug because it is by design.

You can make add a wish for alternative behaviour in the Wishlist - CIS board.

Moving to the help boards.

Okay, I find this strange behaviour (never had this problem with my old firewall). But true, if I use the application from de local hard drive I can add it as a trusted application and it can access the network. But still the problem exists that the application can’t connect to it’s database when started from the network.
Exact Error: “Named Pipes Provider: Could not open a connection to SQL Server [1326].”

When I start a database application from the network and allow all the requests the application still can’t connect to it’s database. There’s no problem when same application is started from local hard drive and connects to same database.

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The folder on the network share is that a NAS or is it a Windows machine? If it is a Windows machine then what firewall are you using there?

Where is the database stored?

Can you post a diagram of your network set up?That would make things easier to understand.

!ot! Welkom, ik zie dat je ook uit Nederland komt.

In the last version this has worked for me when adding it as a trusted application (no rules, just that) with the UNC path. Firewall was set to safe mode so it was allowed.
With the latest update (.1355) this does not work anymore. I will try completely disabling Defense+ and see if it does anything and report back after reboot.
Disabling all COMODO modules DOES NOT HELP. UNC stored programs still cannot access the network.
This makes the firewall totally unusable for me, please fix it, or at least revert to the last behavior.

deactivating Defense+ permanently does not work either.
Even uninstalling the Firewall module using change/repair of the installer does not work.
I will now uninstall CIS and install only the antivirus.
EDIT: after uninstalling everything I start from UNC path has network access again.
EDIT: after installing only the antivirus it’s back to not working… so no more comodo for me… bye until the next update.

Is there any way to make comodo allow the program to access the network?

I have the same problem!
Network applications don’t connect to SQL Server, instead local applications connect to the same SQLServer.

After uninstalling COMODO, everything is ok…

Can someone comment/suggest something? This definitely worked before. Now CIS is unusable in a corporate environment…

Dunno, just throwing something out there:

I wonder if the network the share is on needs to be trusted?

I have the same problem with the current version. Any news on how to solve this.
Can’t use Comodo because the Application is started from a network share (a windows machine) and the SQL Server is on the same machine (if it makes a difference it is SQL server Express version, tried with version 2008 and 2012)