Adding to Allow All outgoing Requests rule

I have a rule set up for ‘All Applications’ set as ‘Allow all Outgoing Requests’

However, since we have a router with a few pc’s connected to it, if i want to host a co-op game with one of our other pc’s accross a lan, the firewall blocks the connection from the other pc automatically until i create a rule to trust the app - which is slightly annoying when we’re playing accross a lan.

What im thinking, is that i need to create a network zone that covers the range of ip addresses our router uses (ie - (note: excluding the router ip address of Then add to the ‘Allow all outgoing requests’ rule; allow all incoming requests from the new network zone.

What im worried about is whether this could be a compromise in my security on my desktop. I’m aware that our lan our pc’s will be vulnerable to each other, but can this be exploited by anything else outside the lan?

They cannot be exploited by anything from outside the LAN.